A War on Abuse or A War on Families?

Think of “child abuse” and what comes to mind?  Probably a child brutally beaten, raped or tortured by a parent.

Think of “foster care” and what comes to mind?  Probably a safe haven for a “crack baby” whose mother just tried to sell him on the street for her next fix.

Think of your local agency responsible for dealing with child abuse, Child Protective Services, and what comes to mind?  An agency that intervenes in only the most serious cases, removes
children from their homes only as a last resort, and makes one big mistake: Returning children to dangerous homes because some fuzzy-minded law requires it.

That is the image of child abuse in America painted by much of the nation’s child welfare establishment.

That image is false.”

In one year 90 children who had been taken from their homes and placed in "protection" were killed by the very people who they were placed with in Ontario alone.

In that same year less then 30 children were killed in the care of their natural parents.

Statistics show that a parent who is unable, unwilling, or uninterested in caring for their natural children is more likly to abandone them then to kill them.


About Me

Red Riding Hoods is a social conscience fun place to be.  I am a mother of four teenagers whom I have home schooled for most of their education, a law student myself, and a crafter. 

My husband was a chef before he retired and now drives bus.  We have owned our own business and enjoyed the ups and downs of live as a small business owner and landlord since the property had apartments above the store. 

Red Riding Hoods will share incites and experiences, advice and tricks of the trade.  I hope you enjoy exploring each of the pages.

As a student of social justice law I am particularly interested in getting the message out.  As a parent I understand the need for information on a variety of issues like the board of education, childrens' health, and family and childrens' services.  As a disabled person I have had to deal with ODSP, Canada Pension, and Insurance and know the trials and tribulations associated with these processes.  I have found some help is available.  The key is knowing were it is. 
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