Ontario Ministry of Government Services 


This comprehensive site covers numerous consumer protection topics. It includes informational brochures, as well as lists of individuals and businesses against whom complaints have been filed. Different links provide an overview of applicable laws, links to the Consumer Protection Branch of the Ministry, and other valuable information. It is an essential source of information for advocates working with consumer protection issues in Ontario. 

          Industry Canada, Office of Consumer Affairs   


This website provides links to a number of consumer-related sites addressing issues such as identify theft, consumer protection tools, a consumer handbook, and other valuable information. It also contains a link to the Competition Bureau.

Competition Bureau  


The home of the federal Competition Bureau, this site provides information and links covering many topics related to the prevention of consumer fraud and prosecution of those who perpetrate fraudulent practices on consumers. The site includes news releases about the latest consumer scams and frauds that consumers need to know about and protect themselves from.

Phonebusters–The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre 


Phonebusters is a joint effort of the OPP and the RCMP to address and eliminate telephone fraud. It is devoted to educating consumers about telephone scams and prosecuting fraudulent telemarketers. The website contains valuable information about telephone fraud, and links to help consumers to recognize fraud and report it.

Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services (OACCS) 


The OACCS is a registered charitable organization that acts as an umbrella organization for nonprofit credit counselling agencies. Its website contains valuable information about personal financial issues, from how to recognize the signs of money problems, to plans and resources to help individuals deal with overwhelming debt.     

 Ontario Energy Board  


In Ontario, the activities of energy re-billers are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board. The Board can investigate complaints from consumers and mediate settlements between the parties.

Ontario Ministry of Labour Regional Offices

Questions regarding coverage, areas of protection, complaints and filing ESA claims should be directed to the Ministry of Labour office closest to you.

Ontario Workplace Gateway

This website provides one-stop access to information and services on a wide variety of workplace-related topics for both employees and employers, including: worker rights and responsibilities; resources for workers; information on wages and hours of work; workplace laws, health and safety; and links to other sites of interest and government forms online. There is also a link to the Gateway on the Ministry of Labour’s website.

Employment Standards Act


This site provides helpful information about the Act, covering such topics as workers’ rights, what workers are covered by the Act and "Labour Related Topics: A-Z". There are links to Fact Sheets, brochures and other publications prepared by the Ministry on ESA topics of interest, as well as the current listing of Regional Ministry of Labour offices.

Canadian Human Rights Commission

This website provides detailed information about human rights, the process for filing a complaint under the Act, alternative dispute resolution and preventing discrimination, as well as information about the Commission, its policies and publications.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 

This site provides information about the Tribunal, its Rules of Procedure, and Tribunal decisions, cases, and interim rulings.  

Ontario Human Rights Commission 

This website provides detailed information on human rights, and information about the Commission, its policies and publications. 

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario 

This site providesinformation about the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure, the process for filing a complaint under the Code, its forms, and Tribunal decisions. 

Ontario Human Rights Legal Support Centre

This site provides information about independent human rights-related legal and support services to individuals throughout Ontario, ranging from information and advice to support to representation.



Online Advocacy

 Resource Book

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

This website covers all HRSDC services, policy and procedures.   

Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals

The OCRT organizes review tribunals for the CPP.  You can locate forms and publications regarding the appeal process on this website.

Ministry of Community and Social Services

This site deals with the programs and services offered by the ministry which include ODSP and OW.

Community Legal Clinics – Ontario

Address, phone numbers, and contact links for legal aid clinics and community legal clinics across Ontario  are listed.  These clinics provide service to persons of low income.

 Community Law School (Sarnia-Lambton) Inc. 

The community law school has a bulliten board with techniques and tips on relevant information to community advocates.  There is also information regarding the Community Advocacy Program training.


CLEO is a not for profit group that offers links and information on a variety of legal and advocacy issues.  The site is very easy to use and non particine in nature.

Citizens for Public Justice

CPJ is a faith based advocacy group.  They provide resources and links on effective advocacy and advocacy related issues in Canada.

Members of Parliament

You can obtain the address, phone number, and contact information for your local Member of Parliament along with relevant bio information.

Canadian Consumer Gateway

This website provides information and forms for persons dealing with consumer issues.

Fathers are Capable Too

A website dealing with the law and issues surrounding custody and support as it pertains to fathers rights.

Family Services of Canada 

This site is a particine site that deals with Family and Cild Services related information.


Canada/US Border Crossing Services


This site will provide basic information on entering and leaving Canada and the US at the border as well as the rules regarding complaints.  Don't expect these rules to be followed at all times.  Border Guards have broad powers and can make up their own rules without question. 

Citizenship and  Immigration Canada


This site has detailed information on the rules regarding entrance to Canada.  These rules and regulations govern the actions of the border guards more often then CBSC.  They however will not give any direct information over the phone.

Employment Insurance Commission


The employment insurance commission website was easy to locate using google.  The website has information for the employer and the employee on employment insurance policies, appeals, reporting, and the  commission.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada


The human resources and skills development canada website is a information website for the programs of the HRSDC.  These include OAS, CPP, and EI as well as related programs.  This site has all the standard information related to policies and procedures, appeals, and contact information for these programs.

Board of Referees


This site provides reference materials and information pertaining to the Employment Insurance appeals system and the structure, role and responsibilities of the Employment Insurance Boards of Referees.



This site details the final stage of the appeal process for employment insurance claims. 

Thank you to Community Law School (Sarnia Lambton) for the contribution of some of the information above.

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