It happened in Canada

May 7, 2009
A lovely young women and her two infant children came to the border from the US to visit family and friends in Canada.  The border guard asked her name and source of income.  When she informed him that she was on Social Assistance the border guard stated that

"People on Welfare have no business traveling" and then proceeded to send her to customs for inspection.

At the inspection station she was harassed and further questioned about her income.  She was forced to provide tax returns, bank statements, her lease, and cash on hand.  They laughed at her and called her a welfare bum.  The the border guard said to her:

"We don't want people on Welfare in Canada-sign this paper and go home"

Her children crying, Embarrassed and tired she signed the papers and returned to her home.

Is this what our soldiers died to protect?

Pardon Me!

March 3, 2009
The justice system in Canada offers pardons to those who have served their time and have showen that they are now reformed.  OR at least that is how the pardon system is supposed to work.  There seems to be a big flaw in the system though.  What if you were never charged with a crime but still have a record?  Now what do you do?  The answer-Nothing.  There is no solution to those who have a record with out ever being charged or found quilty of a crime.  No pardon process.  Even if you did eve...
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When Child Protective Services Calls

February 16, 2009

Never thought you had very much to worry about? After all, you always thought of yourself to be an average parent. Unfortunately, most parents are completely unaware of the growing threat to their family autonomy from Child Protective Services.

When they call or show up at your door it can be quite a shock.  They ask for an appointment to visit you and the children. It is to be a visit solely to follow up on a phone call they had received from a concerned neighbor. It would only take a few ...

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Government Services

February 3, 2009
As a Community Advocate and a person on ODSP I have had a lot of experience with government services.  The process can be quite frustrating indeed.  It seems as though they deliberately hire persons who know nothing about their job sometimes and then logic tells you this is not possible so you think they must be trying to deny you what is rightfully yours.

While I cannot say which of these emotions are true; if either.  I can say that the information regarding the truth is conviently presented...
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February 2, 2009

Red Riding Hoods is a social conscience fun place to be.  I am a mother of four teenagers whome I have homeschooled for most of their education, a law student myself, and a crafter.  My husband was a chef before he retired and now drives school bus.  We have owned our own business and enjoyed the ups and downs of live as a small business owner and landlord since the property had appartments above the store. 

Red Riding Hoods will share insites and experiences, advice and tricks of the tr...
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LeBlanc I am a wife and mother who loves crafting. I have tought crafts to children and adults. I homeschooled my children for many years. Now I am a Law Student working to finish my education so that I can become a Judge.
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