As a Community Advocate and a person on ODSP I have had a lot of experience with government services.  The process can be quite frustrating indeed.  It seems as though they deliberately hire persons who know nothing about their job sometimes and then logic tells you this is not possible so you think they must be trying to deny you what is rightfully yours.

While I cannot say which of these emotions are true; if either.  I can say that the information regarding the truth is conviently presented for everyone online now thank you to the freedom of information act.  While some government sites try to hide the information and make their sites conveluted and difficult to maneuver others are quite easy to use.

Ignorance is no defence in Canada and that is especialy true for the poor, disabled, sick, and underserviced.  The links provided on the Social Conscience page will lead you to some very usefull information regarding social services.  Avoid reading the propaganda pages rather go right to the policies and procedures documents.  There you will find the rules that each agency must follow.  As soon as you start to quote these policies and procedures to anyone in the office you will find that you are quickly talking to the right person who knows about what you need.

Knowledge is key.  Prepare yourself and you will have the upperhand.