The justice system in Canada offers pardons to those who have served their time and have showen that they are now reformed.  OR at least that is how the pardon system is supposed to work.  There seems to be a big flaw in the system though.  What if you were never charged with a crime but still have a record?  Now what do you do?  The answer-Nothing.  There is no solution to those who have a record with out ever being charged or found quilty of a crime.  No pardon process.  Even if you did everything right, everything you were asked and have showen yourself to be an upstanding member of the community.  You will be bared from certain careers and lifestyles for the rest of your live.  Canada needs to take a look at the Pardon system and reconsider how it works. 

A person who suffered ruitien visits to their home due to domestic violence and is now free from that relationship will live with a police record of those visits and any times that the police had to take them into custody for thier own protection.  That could prevent that victim from ever being able to Teach, Volunteer, Foster Parent, Adopt, Travel, etc.

A person who voluntarily walks through the CAS kinship care process will live with a CAS record for the rest of thier lives.  This wont be a problem at first, but after a few years CAS destroy their records and only leave your name on file with no information as to why it is there.  Now you could be a foster parent or a child abuser and no one knows which.  Suddenly your good deed keeps you from having a job, getting custody of your own kids, or much more.

A teenager who gets pregnant and gets parenting classes from the CAS will find that they are haunted for the rest of their lives.  The record is perminant and it doesnt matter that they did everything right after they grew up.  They will be unable to have the career or lives they wanted because hey wanted to be a better parent.

How can our Government think that this is a fair and justice process?  Pardon Me-But the Pardon system needs revamping.